Downstairs Window

Downstairs Window


Some doors open on a thickly-peopled air
Of moving shadows, those whose lives, long gone,
Were spent there....
Some on a waiting silence - of expectancy
For those to come; some to the musty smell
Of mere desuetude; and some in constancy
To the long loving years of sweet content
In which the light of sun and moon have blent
In lasting light that bids all dark farewell -
Of such will this room tell.

Mary Stella Edwards, 1962.

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Day 12: Wolsery School Workshop (Wednesday 12 May 2010)

Year 5s, Wolsery Primary School, looking in the rock pools on Bucks Mills beach.

Making drawings of creatures found in the rock pools.

Back at school making rock pool creatures out of clay.

Painting scenery inside the diorama.

The diorama with scenery finished.