Downstairs Window

Downstairs Window


Some doors open on a thickly-peopled air
Of moving shadows, those whose lives, long gone,
Were spent there....
Some on a waiting silence - of expectancy
For those to come; some to the musty smell
Of mere desuetude; and some in constancy
To the long loving years of sweet content
In which the light of sun and moon have blent
In lasting light that bids all dark farewell -
Of such will this room tell.

Mary Stella Edwards, 1962.

Friday, 14 May 2010

Day 2: Reading Poems at the Burton Gallery, Bideford (2 May 2010)

Mary Stella Edwards and Judith Ackland at Bucks Mills.

In 1924, Mary Stella Edwards wrote 'The Dancing Star for J.A.'

Suddenly in the quietest places,
When the first star swims up fair,
Threading the bare twigs' delicate laces,
I shall be there....

I will set your feet to follow the dancing
Feet of the beckoning star,
Tune your ears to notes entrancing,
Hollow and far.

They will call us out to the starlit spaces,
And brief as a bright dream done,
Swift from the ash-wood's quietest places,
We shall be gone.

She was 26 years old, and Judith was 31.