Downstairs Window

Downstairs Window


Some doors open on a thickly-peopled air
Of moving shadows, those whose lives, long gone,
Were spent there....
Some on a waiting silence - of expectancy
For those to come; some to the musty smell
Of mere desuetude; and some in constancy
To the long loving years of sweet content
In which the light of sun and moon have blent
In lasting light that bids all dark farewell -
Of such will this room tell.

Mary Stella Edwards, 1962.

Sunday, 2 May 2010

Day 14: Spring (Friday 14 May 2010)

'Judith Ackland at Work in the Cabin', Mary Stella Edwards, 1953

'I broached the idea of making Bideford our sketching centre this spring for the paintable and selling qualities of Devon; the factor of being able to work in the studio in between and return to places when we wanted; the lack of struggle against weather;, and of time and money running away while waiting for bad weather to end; the contrast it will be to the Lakes and so on. J. agrees with me that there should be no coast scenes of the usual type, save some at Boscastle and Tintagel if we get there, which gives the interesting effect of looking from headland inland across cliffs to distant hills. The horizon should be hills, not water...but the spring light on the high land is what we're really after. I have a number of subjects in mind, not done before.'

From the diaries of Mary Stella Edwards, 22 January 1935

With thanks to the Friends of the Burton Art Gallery and Museum, Bideford.